Murders in Chicago

I can’t quite remember the tragic day or time in which I found out about the death of my dearest Aunt. But I will tell you about the unseating experience of losing a precious family member. I (along with millions of residents in Chicago) share a deep connection with the recent death of Hadiya Pendleton (15 year old Martin Luther King Jr. High School student) who was gunned down in a local park right down the street from her high school. My intitial response to her death is “It is a damn shame for all of these children in Chicago getting killed by gun violence”.At this moment, I did not even remember about the death of my Aunt Gail who was murdered at her workplace by some mysterious men.I just wish that people would come to their minds about taking the life of someone before you realize that death is not a deal for everyone. (Reference to the website information Top cop: Charges maybe tonight in Hadiya Pendleton’s killing. ).